Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've Even Got the Month of May

I took a summer vacation from blogging for some good and some bad reasons.  But I realized how much I truly enjoy crafting words, and now my computer is working again.  Here's a monthly summary to catch up:
May 1~ Went to cousin Rebecca's First Holy Communion

May 2~ took violin student (Thad) to STJ Symphony
May 3~YWCA reception with nominee Alison
May 4~During Greek Week, Meggar's sorority cleaned at a nursing home on Saturday.  She and Erin were glad they kept their Lenten practice of doing all their homework on Friday afternoon and evening, which leaves Saturday free for service or napping and keeps the Sabbath holy.
May 5~ Meggar's spring recital at Truman State=iimpressive! on "Forgotten Waltz"
May 6~Homemade rosary for Garrison with his initials.
May 7~ Went to cousin Garrison's First Holy Communion.
May 8~Welcome home, Meggar!
May 9~Homeschool graduation for Becca!
May 10~I love the new Catholic speaker of the house, John Boehner.
May 11~Spring violin recital:  Meggar accompanies Dorito on Bach "Double Violin Concerto," PolarBear on "Humoresque" and Winger on "Gavotte" from Book 3.  My enjoyment was boundless!
May 12~Royal Wedding blogs still going strong, which pleases an Anglophile like me!
May 13~ Un- expected trip to Connecticut: Captain sells jet, and we visit Aunt Jean and meet her husband Paul for the first time.  Lunch at "Dock and Dine" and shopping.
May 14~Staying at cousin Laurie's beach house, which Tom has remodeled since we were here for their wedding in 1996.  Love the 1860s reclaimed floor boards and custom wood work.
May 15~Whoops!  Jack and Ayssa home alone!
May 16~ The twins advance in Scout rank through Tenderfoot and Second Class at their first Court of Honor.  I felt like the guest of honor with two escorts!
May 17~Book club goes green with envy over "Down the Garden Path," and I want to split more hostas and root more lythrum.
May 18~Finished our read-aloud "Heaven is For Real," prompting good discussions at kitchen table.
May 19~Last day of homeschool.  I gave up since their Math and English books were completed.
May 20~Dorito gets personalized license plate: N-SPRT = Northern Spirit, his tribal name in Mic-o-Say. It's a big deal when you are nearly 16.
May 21~Hannah spends the night - again!
May 22~Watched "Sense and Sensibility" with Meggar.  Some men are scoundrels, and some men are virtuous.
May 23~Doing Zumba with Meggar and Hannah!
May 24~Dorito uses his employee discount for new golf shoes.
May 25~Winger lost a tooth.
May 26~PolarBear lost a tooth.
May 27~Met with Mark at French Bakery: Napoleans.
May 28~Scouts do fundraising cook-out at Lowe's.
May 29~Verbick's party has "40 Reasons to Celebrate."
May 30~Dorito scores well on impact test and starts weaning off concussion medicine.
May 31~Lunch with Jungbluth's at Barbosa's.