Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update for July

July 1~Going to Wichita for holiday weekend: Gr. Gerald's cookout, Uncle Carey's cookout, and All-Star Sports for lazer tag.
July 2~Baby shower for Clint and Kathryn at Wichita Art Museum, with special exhibit of Mary Cassatt sketches.
July 3~Cook-out at Carpenter's house with fireworks.
July 4~Practically had the CC pool to ourselves today.
July 5~Driveway decorated with names written in smoke-bomb colors!
July 6~iPads invade our house.  New apps to download.
July 7~Garage sale at Alison's neighborhood.
July 8~New haircut for Me.  Meggar's idea. Boys agreed.
July 9~Waiting for "Mr. Popper's Penguins" at theatre.
July 10~Meggar goes to Greek Reunion in Kirksville.
July 11~The "Fiddlers Three" play Civil War songs for kids at Pony Express Camp.
July 12~My Scouts get too hot at Camp Geiger? More slushies!
July 13~Dorito is in charge of building the fire for the main Council Ring!  He is proud to be promoted to "Fire Builder" in Mic-o-Say.

July 14~Bastille Day in France.  La Quartorze Juillet.  We celebrated with French food at Cafe de Amis with our favorite friends, a classy mother-daughter duo.
July 15~Crepes at home are yummy with lots of Nutella
July 16~Meggar's Birthday with Boeuf Bourguignon (after I burned off the brandy and almost my eyebrows).  Eaten lovingly with the Bridgewaters.

July 17~Three-course fondue party for Meggar and 10 friends=hugely SUCCESSFUL candle-lit affair!
July 18~Vera Bradley makes the best birthday presents for Meggar (especially with 20% off birthday coupon in the mail).
July 19~Book Club = "The Painted Veil"
July 20~Visit from our German friends, the Fechner family, who lived here 10 years ago before transferring to Paris and Vienna with Boehringer.  Everyone wants to be a cowboy at the Pony Express Museum!  Later we enjoyed an orange-chocolate torte they brought us from Cafe Central!  I feel like a diplomat.
July 21~Stopping in Minnesota for swimming break at the lake with Alyssa. And a party with the girls Cross Country team.
July 22~Driving to North Shores for twins' hockey.
July 23~Golfing right behind our hotel.  Mom drove the cart. Twins tied at 48.
July 24~Drove straight home (10 hours) with only two stops.
July 25~Meggar leaves for Connecticut to babysit Jack and Alyssa for two weeks at the beach! Lucky girl!
July 26~Book club watched 2006 movie "The Painted Veil."
July 27~Captain going to Scotland for work/golfing trip.
July 28~Captain enjoys Skype and shows us his room in a 16th century castle.
July 29~Dorito boards the train at Union Station bound for Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico.  They applied two years in advance to enjoy a full two weeks of hiking and backpacking in the mountains.  Andrew Schneider warns us he might talk in his sleep.
July 30~Took Oleg with twins to T-Bones game.  Thanks to Aunt Kathy for free tickets!
July 31~"Willy Wonka" musical with Zachary and twins.  Schieber children shine.