Monday, June 30, 2014

What Would You Do for Free?

There is a new Krispy Kreme donut store opening tomorrow about a stone's throw from the New Castle County Airport. And since we only live 4 minutes from that...
My three guys are camping out to be among the first 100 people in line!
(Won't @MilesEvans22 be jealous?!)
EACH wins one dozen donuts per month for a year!
The line could officially start forming at 3:00 pm, so I checked it out around 4:30 pm (when I got off work) and there were only 26 people so far. They were psyched about the idea! Captain helped pack them a cooler, and I made a quick dinner. Martin C offered lawn chairs and wanted to join them. They arrived at just after 6:30 pm and secured slots #34-37.  But they have to campout all night. Dorito says this is just like a No-Sleep-Thursday-Night at Camp Geiger. They have plenty of technology in tow and #KrispyKreme has free wifi.

Penn's Place Has Music

Happy to report that the live music scene is alive and well in our little subdivision historic neighborhood. Penn's Place is the original hotel where William Penn spent the first night after he landed on this continent. Now converted to a Cafe and tiny shoppes, Esther books musicians to play each Saturday in summer on her veranda. Very simple. Very relaxing. The "Acoustic Jam" duo could really deliver the 60s and 70s greatest hits. Captain and I hummed along. We enjoyed our evening mostly because we met more locals: namely Millie and Bob who own the "Oak Knoll Books."

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Calligraphy Class

Meggar is taking a calligraphy class with Heather in St. Louis this summer. They have really enjoyed the first few sessions, and are hoping this parlays into a wedding component for future clients. She said she was surprised how much practice is required!
It helps pass the time while her boyfriend is away at college studying for the CPA exams.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Folding Napkins

My guys are working another wedding this weekend at the Cavalier Country Club in Wilmington, DE. They receive freshly laundered tuxedo shirts and vests to wear with their black pants and black ties (very formal). I'm happy they have learned a thing or two about receptions and guests:
(Dorito not pictured)
how to fold fancy napkins, proper placement of dessert forks and salad forks, mannerly strolling through the veranda with "butlered" hors de'ouvres, as well as fully tearing down the buffet room to reset it with 10-tops or 8-tops, skirting, and overlays for the next day. Attention to detail is part of having a good work ethic.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Value of Work

Josemaria Escriva had a lot to say about the dignity of work and why we should strive to be aligned with God's purposefulness for everyone and everything.  I've been working hard (tiny pun) at remembering to say a novena these nine days leading up to the saint's feast day (which is today).
Starting with an email at 6:00 am (!) and an afternoon request for an interview as well as job secrets have all came our direction TODAY. Whether it is good news or just another step forward, I am twitching with eagerness to see how things will develop. I offer a profound Japanese bow to the Holy One in heaven who has whispered in my ear this day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Tutoring

I have seven students that I am working with over the summer for tutoring of math and/or English. It totals nearly 30 hours with commuting to homes and libraries for sessions. I love the flexibility of the "Back to Basics" company, which does out-sourcing for schools and colleges as well as private families looking for SAT prep or subject enricement. Kuddos to my family: Dorito helps me grade pre-Calc and statistics problems, the twins help me by grocery shopping and running errands, and Captain helps with making dinner -- which has become an even greater focal point of the day that we all look forward to.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birthday Boy Starts 20th Year

Dorito had a "date" with Captain and I over the weekend at a micro-brewery on the river. But today is the "real" birthday so we tried to make it fun, too. Twitter messages, T-shirt, and telling stories about when he was a baby. He was always a good boy. Now he's a good young man. #RowdyGentleman

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big Wreck

She was not on her cell phone. Nor speeding. She was, however, on her way to the wedding rehearsal on Friday for her "Mr & Mrs" client. Luckily she had left extra early. A woman tried to cut through two lanes, but didn't allow enough time. The car beside Meggar was blocking her view of the on-coming car, and the collision was big enough that air bags went off! Fortunately, Meggar wasn't hurt badly. And her Ford Explorer Sport was heavy enough to mostly sustain that kind of impact, but it's likely totaled from the damages. Happily, this mini SUV has survived six years with  our daughter--through high school and college--including damage sustained from flying hockey pucks and a lightning storm. She navigated by getting a ride from Spencer's mom, borrowed car for the rest of the wedding weekend, rental car for weekday job as nanny, filing police reports, calling in insurance claim... everything in the "adult" world takes phone calls, follow-up, and TIME.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Big Wedding

Meggar has a few butterflies this week. This is the weekend of her "big" wedding: 250 guests at large Catholic Church and fancy reception at largest hotel in downtown St. Louis. Total budget for the bride is pushing six figures. Meggar signed up this bride, and five others, through her advertising promotion on the website of "The Knot" magazine in early spring! What a great start for her Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events.
Today was the planners' conference at the fancy hotel. Twelve vendors and managers met in their board room, and Meggar said everything went smoothly. (I can tell she likes the pressure of so many details on a grand schedule.)
She already accomplished a small wedding through her friends at "Le Bouquet" in early June. We are watching for photos as they become available on her website.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekends are for Fun

Everyone with Facebook has already seen that Sniper got a haircut finally. On Father's Day.
Playmaker was braver, giving up his "hockey hair" for the recital of his big sister. He said he wanted a different look, and it definitely makes them both look so much older.
 Dorito is taking a summer vacation from shaving.
 In Delaware they call it "Separation Day" and celebrate with parade, free concert, colonial games, food vendors, and fireworks. Back home we call it "Flag Day" on June 14 (which is easy to remember as that is Aunt Denise's birthday).

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

As Promised...

Congratulations to our first college grad!
I ordered this photo from the event photographer--
best $10 I spent all four years!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

100 Days After Heart Surgery

Captain can hardly believe it has been 100 days since his heart procedure. The reality seems to surprise him every morning when he wakes up.  And me, too. The tremendous amount of change is so overwhelming that I have felt unable to write my usually-cheerful blog.
But something happened this weekend to change that slightly. Erik Compton happened. My four guys have been glued to the US Open, and they are cheering for Compton's steady progress on a very tough course. I have been glued to the personality profiles between shots. Compton is very humble, but I can read between the lines how difficult a time he and his family have had for 25 years. It is hard to put into words a brush with death. Let alone two heart transplants. Emotional and mental struggles don't easily fit into sound bites. I'm sure marketing scripts are already being written about Compton's comeback to PGA victory after viral cardiomyopathy. For this Father's Day, I am touched that he will be invited to the Masters now and other things he never even dreamed of. And he will have a positive platform for educating others about the symptoms that Captain still faces (headaches, shortness of breath, feeling crummy, lack of energy, etc.).
We celebrated Father's Day with grilled steaks and wine and golf on TV--just as grateful as we feel every day that we have been graced with another day of being all together. On this Feast of the Holy Trimity, I am mindful of the fellowship of God and our part with God, and the intentional focus on the present moment of my husband and the father of my children.