Sunday, June 15, 2014

100 Days After Heart Surgery

Captain can hardly believe it has been 100 days since his heart procedure. The reality seems to surprise him every morning when he wakes up.  And me, too. The tremendous amount of change is so overwhelming that I have felt unable to write my usually-cheerful blog.
But something happened this weekend to change that slightly. Erik Compton happened. My four guys have been glued to the US Open, and they are cheering for Compton's steady progress on a very tough course. I have been glued to the personality profiles between shots. Compton is very humble, but I can read between the lines how difficult a time he and his family have had for 25 years. It is hard to put into words a brush with death. Let alone two heart transplants. Emotional and mental struggles don't easily fit into sound bites. I'm sure marketing scripts are already being written about Compton's comeback to PGA victory after viral cardiomyopathy. For this Father's Day, I am touched that he will be invited to the Masters now and other things he never even dreamed of. And he will have a positive platform for educating others about the symptoms that Captain still faces (headaches, shortness of breath, feeling crummy, lack of energy, etc.).
We celebrated Father's Day with grilled steaks and wine and golf on TV--just as grateful as we feel every day that we have been graced with another day of being all together. On this Feast of the Holy Trimity, I am mindful of the fellowship of God and our part with God, and the intentional focus on the present moment of my husband and the father of my children.

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