Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Update

June 1~Summer is definitely here, but our foundation repairs are forcing us to keep our pool closed.
June 2~The "Fiddlers Three" played at Living Communities to a packed house of 64 residents.
June 3~Joined the Country Club pool. Kids happier.
June 4~Family outing to "Pirates of the Caribbean 4."
June 5~Ethan, Charlie, and Kara stopped by for lunch.
June 6~Platte City golf tourney, and Winger wins play-off hole!
June 7~Working the election seems like waste of time and money for one tax question.
June 8~Making another Strawberry Shortcake.
June 9~Making Banana Cake (aka Potassium Cake to Meggar).
June 10~Playing classical music for "Art in the Park."
June 11~Fiddle music show at "Art in the Park."
June 12~Box Hill Picnic, our annual Jane Austen event in KC.  Hats, tea, and skits for the 200th anniversary of "Sense and Sensibility" publication.  Constance and Beth are our literary companions.  Gr. Judy and Gr. Gerald come for the grand finale tour of John Wornall 1858 house.

June 13~All three boys are staying the week at Camp Geiger.  Winger and PolarBear have separate tents with their friends from the patrol. (?!)
June 14~Tour of Missouri Town 1849.
June 15~Foundation done on the One-Room Schoolhouse.
June 16~YWCA Women of Excellence Luncheon: Dorito and Meggar sound wonderful in foyer.
June 17~Homeschool conference speaker Lisa Hendey arrives at KCI and I treated her at Jack Stack BBQ.
June 18~I catered breakfast buffet for 150 people at KC Catholic Homeschool Conference.
June 19~Starting my own Twitter account. (Thanks, Meg!)
June 20~Boys are successful at Mozingo Golf Tourney.
June 21~Book Club paints a picture of Paris life with Renoir in "Luncheon of the Boating Party."
June 22~Fr. Corapi leaves strange message on "Black Sheep Dog" site.
June 23~Birthday party is a hit with Scavenger Hunt for Dorito and 8 friends. Will they ask for Sweet 16 kisses?  Matthew wins!
June 24~Dorito gets new car stereo with birthday money.
June 25~Dorito passes driving exam!
June 26~Meggar vacations in Chicago with Erin and Mike.
June 27~Too much rain at Moila Golf Tournament.
June 28~Mustangs game with EDGE youth group.
June 29~Shakespeare in the Park: Macbeth with Meggar.
June 30~Dorito fails impact test for post concussion symptoms. Back on the medicine.