Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big Wreck

She was not on her cell phone. Nor speeding. She was, however, on her way to the wedding rehearsal on Friday for her "Mr & Mrs" client. Luckily she had left extra early. A woman tried to cut through two lanes, but didn't allow enough time. The car beside Meggar was blocking her view of the on-coming car, and the collision was big enough that air bags went off! Fortunately, Meggar wasn't hurt badly. And her Ford Explorer Sport was heavy enough to mostly sustain that kind of impact, but it's likely totaled from the damages. Happily, this mini SUV has survived six years with  our daughter--through high school and college--including damage sustained from flying hockey pucks and a lightning storm. She navigated by getting a ride from Spencer's mom, borrowed car for the rest of the wedding weekend, rental car for weekday job as nanny, filing police reports, calling in insurance claim... everything in the "adult" world takes phone calls, follow-up, and TIME.

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