Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Final Note -- Part Three

The recital was a graduation requirement for Meggar, but truly a joy for her own family to share it with her. The party afterwards was a fitting tribute for her closest friends and for a few special friends and relatives who could make it. I knew it was too far away for many more who wanted to attend. Meggar is planning to send a recording of her piano pieces by mail to those who would like that memento.
Captain gave a few words of wisdom and a beautiful meal grace. I got to tell a humorous story to poke fun at her from the first semester's piano recital.
Guests: Gr. Judy and Gr. Gerald came from Wichita,
Gr. Elizabeth came from Colorado with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Terry,
Bill and Constance (from Jane Austen Book Club),
Alison (from church & her confirmation sponsor),
and Alpha Gamma Delta (members and alumnae).
*Credits to Playmaker for being the event photographer.
Not pictured: Heidi (from Pony Express Museum)
and Spencer (the boyfriend) and parents.

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