Monday, April 28, 2014

The Final Note--Part Two

After the 4:30 piano recital, we hosted a reception for Meggar at the Kirksville Country Club. Our black tables were topped with antique cake stands, black pianos, and vintage sheet music which was folded into fans by Carey Leonard's three crafty girls: Barbara, Hannah, and Rebecca. Each pedestal was accented by yellow and black ribbons.
Out front we placed a table for gifts, which twinkled with white lights and more black and yellow accents. I hope everyone signed the guest book with well wishes. Megan received lots of flowers, pair of wine glasses painted with piano keys, a set of teapot book ends, a Mozart action figure, and a blue window with "Mr & Mrs Wedding Events" vinyl logo.
The appetizer table greeted guests (about 30) by the open bar as they arrived (and Carey's girls had a few nibbles during the decorating time).
The buffet table was decked out with classic colors, and...
it was loaded with my famous lasagna and sweet green beans, homemade bread sticks, and a wonderful Italian salad provided by Spencer's mom (complete with artichokes, olives, and roasted red peppers).
Dessert was a variation on a "coffee and donuts" theme--this is an inside joke with Truman AGDs. The twins helped me load up baby donut skewers and melted chocolate fondue. There was also rum cake, whipped cream, and Donut House coffee.
Hannah sampled the homemade lemonade, which surely tasted better since there was a yellow-striped straw in her cup.
I was happy when Terry asked me how to use the Keurig machine so he could stay awake for the drive back home. Overall, it was a yummy event, which is absolutely the best way to celebrate a special occasion!

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