Monday, April 21, 2014

The True Meaning of Easter

We didn't get a family Easter photo yesterday.
But we prayed together over the phone.
And we are striving for unity though separated by great distance.
I still made Easter eggs (just four) and set a pretty table--staying flexible for the meal time to work into the meshed schedules. Ham and potatoes, spring peas, bread, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Meggar was in St. Louis for client interviews, apartment hunting, and a business event.
Dorito spent most of his weekend studying.
He attended Easter Vigil in Kansas City at Ascension parish, where his pledge brother, Daniel, was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church. I heard that Daniel was pleased to have so many Phi Kaps there for support and was grinning the whole time! His parents, however, did not attend. I don't think they are against religion, but were not interested enough to attend. I sent up extra prayers for Daniel.
Sniper and Playmaker got home mid-day from playing hockey in Chicago, that makes them tired but happy. (Oops-leaving so early they forgot their suits in the hotel closet.)

Captain went to a sunrise service and later ate dinner with a homeschool family in Delaware.
Luckily, I talked to a few friends on the phone and that reminded me of God's blessings.

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