Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who is the Rowdy Gentleman?

Here's a little secret: Dorito loves Twitter.
He found a couple of clever sites that he can relate to and then he retweets the wittiest phrases.
@TotalFratMove is a play on the "preppy" stereotype of fraternity men and their thoughts about life
@RowdyGentleman takes adages and rewords them to show his advantage
Total Frat Move is claiming that even Jesus went Greek: Alpha Omega.
Total Frat Move is taking credit where credit is actually due to a pledge.
Rowdy Gentleman likes to go golfing, but he leaves after nine holes if the cart girl isn't good looking.
As a kid, Rowdy Gentleman recalls taking his own putter to the mini-golf course.
So you can see why I have to apologize and explain to people in line at the post office why I am bursting out with laughter. "Sorry, I'm reading Tweets on my phone!"

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