Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Way of the Cross

Stations of the Cross are a common prayer service on Friday nights during Lent. We were invited by the Beckmeyer family to watch their kids in Living Stations. It was phenomenal! This is first time I had heard of it. St Anthony of Padua parish (in the Italian section of the city) originated this Via Crucis tableau in 1959. Such a tradition! There were children from ages 4-17 doing the pantomime scenes, while an adult read in the background. The teen Christ and his apostles were very smooth, and that made for excellent contemplation for the audience. The Roman soldiers and Pilate were super serious and tastefully realistic.  They raised the cross on a tall platform between the altar and tabernacle. Amazing. The closing scene left only the two candle bearers with the priest in the dark church. In the vast quietness, I felt even more alone. Of course, our family has been living very close to God while acknowledging our total dependence on Him as we try various paths and see which one works out.
The twins and I came here to visit Captain for a week, and it was appropriate to begin our time together in Church. With homeschoolers. I was thinking how stunning the church was--easily the size and contents of a great cathedral in other cities. I am reminded how Jesus gave everyone free will and forgiveness. That is our role during Lent, too.

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