Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Risen Indeed

Everyone loves to sing "Alleluia" and "Jesus Christ is Risen Today."
I played the old organ at St. Mary's for early mass this Easter morning, since they needed a substitute musician. I also was eager to see their newly painted church interior. It's a beautiful update from the 70s foam green and accentuates the statues, dome, and side altars more appropriately. On Easter, I appreciate the extra chanted parts of the mass, especially with a priest who has a good voice like Fr. Haake!
The best homily, however, was when I went with the twins to a later service. Fr. Jambon talked about the historical facts of the resurrection. There are writings from Caesar and Jewish historians that a figure named Jesus was killed and laid in the tomb, and later his tomb was found empty. This is substantiated by the customs of the day. Romans were great conquerers, but also superstitious of the 'gods.' Therefore it was entirely forbidden to touch, move, or open any gravesite (even of your enemies). And the Jews and Pharisees were not going to steal the body, not on the Sabbath, not after they asked for the crucifixion. Furthermore, the apostles were not going to steal Jesus' body since they were still in shock from having denied the Lord and watching his death put an end to their expectations for the future. Doubtless, they could not have conjured a "Mission Impossible" in just 70 hours. Frankly there were too many guards at the tomb. Then Mary Magdalen comes before dawn and discovers the empty tomb. I can imagine the chaos afterward.
"For they did not yet understand the Scripture 
that he had to rise from the dead."(John 20:9)
God's plan is not always what we expect.

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