Saturday, April 12, 2014

Step Right Up

The black fraternity at K-State reached out to the entire Greek community and asked other members to try out for the first-ever "step show" team. The Phi Kaps had already worked on Homecoming with the Phi Beta Sigmas and knew they were cool guys. Besides that, Dorito has a philosophy of "getting his money's worth" during his freshman year by participating in absolutely-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink. So he tried out (of course), and he made the team (of course). He loves dancing (ever since that ballroom class with Hannah Mason in high school before prom).
What I didn't know was the amount of time he devoted to the preparation. They practiced three days a week for the past 7-8 weeks. What an impressive show they put on! All I know how to do is stomp my foot when I'm upset but this was totally choreographed rhythms and steps that created its own "music." Even Willie the Wildcat made an impromptu addition to the Wildcat Steppers part of the show. Other teams came from OU, KU, and U of Minnesota and were serious talented.
The competition was a Phi Beta Sigma fundraiser for scholarships, and Dorito had a large group of supporters: there were 19 of the 32 guys from his own fraternity, plus 5 girl friends and 3 moms. So he raised more than $120 alone, and the Forum Hall was sold out.

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