Friday, January 23, 2009

Art Showing

"Don't Eat the Artwork" was the theme of Robin's and Aimee's art showing at Blue Plate Dinners in Lawrence. We journeyed to their Opening Night, which included wine and appetizers by the host establishment. I was not disappointed. Robin looked hip and happy, the artwork was refreshing, and the crowd was cheery and full of conversation. Robin was in my journalism classes at K-State, and she has a beautiful spirit. Her paintings are a combination of vibrant, Italian colors and raised glass covers which are etched with one-word encouragements. We saw her trademark stars on a green background of "hope." (Robin was always able to wish upon a star.) Winger liked the "be happy" painting, because yellow is his favorite color. Captain liked the menu at Blue Plate Dinners, so we took home Chicken Brunswick Stew. And I bought the Cream Cheese Puffs with Apricot Chutney. (It will be a great appetizer for my next movie night.) The evening was too short, but it was sweet.

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