Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Book Like Jane Eyre

I didn't report on the past two monthly book clubs: in October we read "Frankenstein" which was not what I expected.  It is a lonely tale about Dr. Frankenstein and his horrible guilt over the consequences of his "creation."   For me, it held a similar moral to the modern-day story of embryonic stem cell research and frozen embryos.  Scientists who want to "play God" are letting pride blind them to the limits of their knowledge and the long-term social impact.  In November, we read "Wide Sargasso Sea" which is a retake on Jane Eyre from the point of view of the mad-woman/wife from Jamaica whom Rochester kept in the attic.  She has a sad tale of her own which only deepened my appreciation of the Bronte novel and the minor characters in other good literature.  All of us in book club will gather in December to nominate selections for the 11 months in 2011.  With no assigned reading this month, I happily finished "Longitude" by Dava Sobel.

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