Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taking a Look at Weekends

We had a fun weekend while Meggar was here: movie at the Cinemark on the Plaza and dinner at "The Melting Pot." She told us about her classes and professors. She played some of her piano pieces. She showed us one of the papers she's written lately: a fictional meeting between authors and their main characters. She chose Edith Wharton to meet Lily from "The House of Mirth" and Kate Chopin to meet Edna from "The Awakening" at a cafe for afternoon tea. She is working on a paper about modern piano performers next.
We also looked at her AGD photos from Date Party. The attendance at the party last semester was disappointing, so Meggar stepped in early by helping plan the venue, the Jungle theme, and generating more publicity among her sorority sisters. She and Spencer dressed as a koala bear and jungle tree! (I think the koala hat from eBay was the impetus toward cuteness.) She said attendance doubled, and the dance was really fun. "The more, the merrier!"

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Lesa said...

All they need is a piece of eucalyptus to round out their 'image!' Very sweet! Good job, Meggars!