Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Second Year at College

Dorito is sometimes lost in the middle of our family, but he's never forgotten.
He is having a busy semester back at K-State. This week he is working overtime as the Homecoming Chairman for Phi Kappa Theta. They are paired with Gamma-Phi and Sig-Ep (which is good and bad, respectively, so you get the drift). His leadership skills are being stretched as he tries to motivate the 34 members of his small fraternity to do their part. This week, he also has a big Accounting Project due.
He likes to look the part. Sporting his new suit for formal dinners. And his new glasses.

This year, he is also balancing a job: working part-time as a house boy at the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house on Mondays and Wednesdays for supper.

And he attends all the football games, of course!
Here's his SnapChat from the front row at the 50-yard-line a couple weeks back. The ICAT section is first come, first served so he likes to get there early.

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