Saturday, November 1, 2014

End of October

Each Sunday in October, it hit me. I saw the crosses and lingered over many memories from my former life (before Delaware). This was the first year that I didn't "do" anything for Respect Life month. For the past 14 years, my family and I have installed crosses at one (or more) Catholic churches.
Displays like this one and others I see around Wilmington.
Before that, I organized long processionals with all ages bearing a red rose up to the altar.
Before that, I walked my pregnant belly and toddler Meggar up to the front for a pro-life voting announcement at the end of mass.
Before that, I prayed the rosary for the first time at a PP clinic all four Saturdays.
Before that, I volunteered at Birthright in Manhattan.
Before that, I read Judie Brown's newsletters detailing the Roe v. Wade decision.
(From what I remember, that was the beginning of Respect Life month by the USCCB 40 years ago.)
I am not sure what God is doing at this stage of my life, but I guess He wanted someone else to "do" this work.

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