Monday, November 23, 2015

The Wedding Rehearsal (Part 1 of 4)

From last year's engagement on Nov. 21 until this year's wedding on Nov. 21, we have watched Megan's excitement and Pinterest boards expand. Her vision was classically styled and sophisticated in every detail. 
She designed a vintage-looking monogram, which ironically spells "MRS". The monogram appeared prominently on her cream-colored invitation suite, which was tied up with a black velvet ribbon. 
We regret that we couldn't invite all our friends, nor could they all travel to St. Louis (Rusch's home parish), but we cherish the prayers and email messages which arrived from far and near.
Megan came to the rehearsal on Thursday in a stylish cocktail dress--its sparkles picked up the happiness in Spencer's eyes! Father Benjamin arrived to "run the show," but infected all of us with his holy sense of humor. Both grandmothers from the bride's side were guests of honor at the delicious dinner at LoRusso's on the Hill.
Joe Rusch gave a moving toast and Michelle Rusch read a poem that touched our hearts. A slide show of family memories reminded us of the blessings since 1990 & 1992.

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