Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Busy Weekend....
Meggar is back home from Lincoln, Neb. (Wife squeezed in a lunch with homeschool comrad Donna on the shady deck!) Mothers really miss their only daughter when she's gone for a whole WEEK! Meggar reported that the prayers were early (6:20 a.m.), the nuns were fun/funny, and the lunches brought in for VBS staff were over-the-top (especially the desserts). She played the organ on Friday -- including all the Mass parts. I am impressed!

Dorito picked up some tips from his friend Cameron, the top junior of the Central High golf team. They played 9 holes at Country Club.

Captain played 16 holes with his friend, Dan. But then it got too dark to see, so they met the wives at a "local" Bistro & Bar. Great atmosphere and great beer selection. Captain deserved a bit of cheering up after hitting a deer on Friday night with Wife's van. He was able to re-attach the rear bumper with chewing gum and new screws.

The "teens" gave the Ford Explorer Sport a thorough cleaning -- carpets and upholstery were shampooed and they found $.14 under the cushions.

Winger climbed into Dad's lap for a Sunday afternoon snooze, because, he said: "Mom never sits down!" (Little slice of humble pie on the Sabbath, anyone?) Polar Bear must have felt sorry for Mom -- he snuggled with her until she fell asleep.

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