Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Review of "Young Riders"

Another NetFlix... "The Young Riders" comprised of 67 episodes which ran on TV during 1989-1992. This movie is an exciting series of western adventures based on the boys who actually worked for the Pony Express. Our family LOVES this historical connection because we live in St. Joseph, MO -- the location of the Pony Express National Museum and original Stables. Meggar even works there giving tours to school children. The riders include the future "Buffalo Bill" Cody; James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok; Ike, an orphan who is a mute; Buck, a half-White/half-Kiowa scout; and the Kid, a quiet Southerner similar to "Billy the Kid." They also ride with Lou, a young woman who keeps secretly disguised as a boy. Although highly fictionalized, there are many facts woven into the tales of this group of Express riders based at a waystation in Sweetwater, Kansas. The station is run by an ex-Texas Ranger and all-around eccentric named "Teaspoon" Hunter, and Emma, who is their cook, housekeeper, and mother hen as she tries to keep them out of trouble. (Check out our favorite non-fiction books about the Pony Express: "The Story of the Pony Express" by Missouri native Cheryl Harness and "On the Winds of Destiny" by Jacqueline Lewin.)

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