Monday, September 20, 2010

Soccer Injury and Speech Topics

During the Jr. High game today, Winger was kicking away for a goal at close range, when the defender's kick met his at full strength/speed.  Ouch!  He went down in pain, and I was afraid he might have sprained his ankle (which would have ruined hockey practice at 7:45 tonight).  He was pretty sore, but after 5 minutes with ice on the top of his foot he went back in (because LaZers had no other subs).  They ended in a 4-4 tie; not bad for playing against an older team.  Meanwhile, Meggar was calling to tell me about getting her topic approved for the chance to quiz out of speech: "Why Read-Alouds are Important after Kids Are Old Enough to Read to Themselves."  My cell phone allows me to do two things at once so--I was particularly glad to be somewhat involved in her academic progress whilst watching the twins play soccer. Crossing my fingers for her speech on Thursday.

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