Monday, September 6, 2010

New Best Friends

They used to say "Best Friends" when I was in school, then it changed to "Bestest Friends" when Meggar was in school, now it's called "Besties" for the twin's age group.  They both went with Bestie Jacque and her family to Schlitterbahn for the Labor Day holiday. Meggar dropped them off on her way back to college.  Her car was loaded up with a new featherbed topper, more fall clothes, grilled chicken kebabs, and two girlfriends (Liz and Paula needed a ride back to Kirksville).  The kebabs are for tomorrow.  Meggar is taking her turn to lead the freshman book discussion on the Kite Runner.  We made 18 marinated chicken kebabs with Malaysian peanut sauce to warm up for her classmates to sample.  The flavors are a super savory combination.  She also printed off information about cumin, cardamom, coriander, and ginger root plus took some for show-and-smell.  I love book clubs  discussions.

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