Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Royals with Fabian - Fun Day #2

Baseball is definitely an American pasttime, so I think it's a requisite part of any foreign exchange student's visit. Captain got the Herzog front-row tickets and treated Dorito, Fabian, and Alexander. They laughed when Fabian got televised on the Jumbo-Tron for his rock-star hair-style during an advertisement for Cost Cutters. Then in the 4th inning, there was a foul ball hit straight at Alexander (he thought he broke his thumb) but it bounced off Meggar's leg (ouch) and rolled under Captain's chair. Fabian received the souvenir and another appearance on the Jumbo-Tron.
In the last inning, they Royals hit a home run and it went into the Sonic Section winning all ticket holders a free slushie (guess where they stopped on the way home?)

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