Saturday, August 2, 2008

Catholic Family Conference

Meggar was the one who first suggested that we attend (thanks to prompting of the Holy Spirit). We haven't been since 2005, so we traveled to Wichita this weekend...
I knew the twins would enjoy Totus Tuus - and they ran into AJ the first night!
The high schoolers laughed nervously when Andrew Pudewa explained a scientific study on rats which proved intelligence was increased by listening to Mozart but their brains turned violent and developed chaotic neuron paths when listening to hard rock or alternative music.
Dorito liked the junior high program and immediately started to practice juggling like the Boehmer Family Jugglers. There's 11 kids in their family, so everyone has plenty of siblings to practice with! Captain already knows how to juggle, so he gave the boys a little tip and Dorito got it on his 2nd try. Polar Bear followed soon after, and Winger had it figured out by the next day!
Meggar listened eagerly to the apologetic talks by Tim Staples, a Catholic Convert from Disciples of Christ. He used plenty of Bible verses to explain the papacy and devotion to Mary.
The most heartwarming for Wife was a chance to listen to Fr. Benedict Groeschel, the famous philosopher from New York, who quipped: "Alice von Hildebrand and I are spiritual directors to each other." He encouraged the audience to practice virtues, especially prudence = which helps you get by in this world; and supernatural prudence = which helps you get to heaven! He used my favorite example from St. Thomas More and the film "A Man for All Seasons." More's friend, the Earl of Essex claims he took the pledge to the King and it didn't bother his conscience. But More said "how lucky for you because if I did sign the oath it would go against my conscience and I'd go to Hell." Historians do not remember the Earl of Essex, but everyone remembers St. Thomas More.

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