Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hillyard Technical School

Dorito was our tour guide yesterday--and he spoke quite expertly about his experience in the Electronics/Robotics class. Plus he knew his way around the whole building as he showed us the other 14 departments. He looked great in his "Hillyard Ambassador" shirt. There were seven homeschool 8th graders and their parents on our tour--it was the first time Captain, Polar Bear, and Winger had been there! Very impressive! Captain enjoyed his long talk with the Reid's instructor as well as the machining teacher. His own father was a machinist for over 30 years at TWA and it was interesting to see that type of job up close. (Captain also fondly remembers his welding and lathe work in high school shop class.)

Here are the photos of what Dorito has made first semester: digital multimeter. He made the entire circuit board by wiring all 79 components including: resistors, diodes, capacitors, IC sockets, mylar caps, switch, and alarm buzzer.

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