Friday, December 16, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

A brief version of last two weeks: Drove to Lincoln. Stayed in our home-away-from-home for one night-- The Cornhusker Marriott with its fabulous room service and double suite. Drove to Denver in SNOW. Stopped at Harrow Factory Warehouse to get hockey sticks (we've broken 3 in 3 weeks). Yea, so they gave us free t-shirts.  Played in the Super Series AAA hockey -- won three and lost three. How can they call off three goals in one weekend? Spent time with Gr. Elizabeth. Stuffed ourselves on the fried chicken dinners at White Fence Farms.
Drove to Breckenridge. Had the place to ourselves.
Boys went snowboarding from dawn til dusk. Watched Mountain "Dew Tour "warm-ups and jumps! Cooked supper in our room. Movie Night + Pie Social. Wii room. Captain and I enjoyed the book shop and French pastries. Watched TV. Read "Unbearable Lightness of Scones." Wrote Christmas letter on iPad. Toured the Denver Mint (without our pocket knives). Drove home through Salina and looked at our "old house" once more.

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