Friday, December 14, 2012

Mile High Hockey

It's not whether we win or lose, it's how Polar Bear and Winger play the game. We face five opponents in Denver during this series, and the competition should be evenly matched. So it all depends on if our good players play better than their good players or our bad players do better/worse than their bad players! The hardest part is convincing my two Eagle Scouts to be selfish. All the other years we have preached teamwork and passing, instead of puck-hogging. But if my two are the fastest and strongest, than they may as well take the shots.
Winger scored the first goal of the first game! On a perfect pass from Polar Bear! And got tripped, but still hit in in! We credit the new stick, which was hand-delivered this morning from the Harrow Warehouse in downtown Denver this morning. Captain found a hardware store and bought a small hack-saw to cut it to the right length! These will be our fondest memories in 25 years, according to Aunt Mary. :-)
It is also difficult to teach the boys that a losing record doesn't reflect on them. Several Scouts are here this weekend. And I don't mean Boy Scouts. It's been a maturity process this first half-season, and I love seeing the twins develop. 
Meanwhile, Captain and I paid a little visit to the Capital Tea Room (still there from last year's visit). The early spring picked Darjeeling hit the spot for me. Captain was quite wfond of the pear and dark chocolate scones with butter and jam.

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