Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Bible Study on Campus

Meggar told me about her evangelization efforts a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy to brag here about the work of the Holy Spirit on her campus. For He deserves all the glory. Meggar did many good things to mentor/guide the AGD girls during her sophomore and junior year as the Vice President of Member Development. She organized study partners, sisterhood bonding, STD speaker, Thanksgiving potluck, etc. etc. But one of her unfinished goals was to compile the times of church services with a list of the girls who already attend there, so that new members could make the college transition on Sundays more easily. We know "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," and Meggar still wanted to finish her spiritual "to do" list even though she is no longer the VP of MD. She began this semester by mentioning the All-Greek Bible Study which was starting up again. She had attended all last semester and really enjoyed it but was the only AGD there. Meggar spoke up and encouraged girls to attend *with* her, and right away one AGD came to tell her she would go to it. Six more girls texted her in the following day that they were also interested! By Wednesday night, there were 16 sorority sisters who came to the first Bible Study. With a total audience of about 30, Meggar was pleasantly overwhelmed by the AGD participation! The following week there were at least 12 AGDs who came to the Bible Study again, and once again they comprised at least half of the group in attendance. This was so encouraging to hear, as I am afraid that the college environment is overly secularized.

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