Friday, March 27, 2009

Benedictine Junior Raven Days

Meggar attended Junior Raven Days at Benedictine College. This was for high school juniors and included an overview, class visit, mass, and lunch. It was great to meet Evan (from Little Rock) and Kelsey (from Lincoln) because their parents are on the homeschool email loop with me! Although our family is very familiar with Atchison and have attended a few events in the Union, the complete tour and sales pitch offered us a better picture. BC is very Catholic and focused intently upon their undergraduate programs. I was impressed by the faculty credentials, and several campus group's advertisements caught my eye. BC has just as many new buildings as old ones, such as the new dormitories! But, I love the architecture of the old abbey, too! The food was pretty good for a Friday in Lent--fish tacos, vegetable pizza, and meatless spaghetti. And the students were all friendly, despite the frigid temps and bitter wind. Fr. James Albers had a wonderful Lenten mass in the chapel of the women's dorm--and it was packed! Meggar and I talked on the way home how much easier it is to compare colleges once you visit them. It is not as clear from simply reading the websites and mass mailings.

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