Wednesday, March 18, 2009

United Nations "Progress"??

When I did my master's thesis on the United Nations and its programs for helping poor women in developing nations, I did not imagine this news 20 years later: Today, the Obama administration sent a $50 million check to the United Nations Population Fund, the pro-abortion group that has been accused of supporting Chinese family planning officials. The evidence has clearly shown that the Chinese rely on forced abortions, involuntary sterilizations, and other human rights abuses to enforce its one-child rule. For years, the Bush administration withheld the funds because of the UNFPA-China population control ties, but Obama signed a bill reversing those limits and pro-life efforts to override him failed in the Senate. Now, pro-abortion Rep. Louise Slaughter is asking for even more money. Slaughter and three other members of the House asked for an increase of $530 million for family planning efforts and a boost to $65 million for the UNFPA. Full story shows our lack of progress in terms of actually helping the poor.

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