Sunday, March 1, 2009

State Chess Tournament

Polar Bear did great at chess! He medaled in the 5th grade division at the Missouri State Chess Competition yesterday. He was 15th overall out of 71 individual players. He won 4 matches and lost 2. He led his team of 5th graders (which included his twin Winger who won 3 and lost 3) and they earned the 4th place trophy out of 26 teams! VERY GOOD results.

Dorito also played all day in the 8th grade division amongst 107 players. He also won 3 matches and lost 3 --saying the competition was pretty stiff. Our St. Joseph Homeschool Chess Club brought home two team trophies and had 7 medalists!

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Terry were chaperones for the Schmidling boys since Captain had a trip out of town. I heard that Terry dished it out, but the boys gave it right back to him!

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