Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grammar Rules

Dorito is diagramming adjective phrases for English 8. Including infinitive phrases! "to be graded"... I loved diagramming with Mrs. Waller in my 8th grade year. She was one tough teacher and gave frequent quizzes on present active participles and future perfect participles. (Isn't it great that verbs can be perfect in the future?) Grammar has rules, and I hate to admit that is why I love it so much. Probably why I enjoyed being a journalism major so much. I don't which Dorito enjoys more: finding the grammatically correct answer or feeling like an architecture using a ruler and mechanical pencil to do his English homework.

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Al said...

You said:

Isn't it great that verbs can be perfect in the future?

LOL! I think many of us wish this were true :-) . I must remember this one, Candise.