Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Club is Enchanting

Our discussions of "The Enchanted April" at book club were light and easy--like the novel. It is my favorite thing to read this time of year. It's particularly good during a rainy spell, as Elizabeth van Arnim tells the sotry of four British women who rent a castle in Italy for the month of April to escape the horrid weather and their dreary lives. Soon enough, the sunny landscape works its magic and warms their hearts. Witty and full of wafts from the wisteria. Winning all the way through. That's the power of Love. National Review says it "is a book about two unselfish women with a great sense of humor and two selfish women with no sense of humor." Quite right.
Let's hope for more sunshine here in St. Joseph, too. I put myself in Rose Arbuthnot's character, a bit too controlling and prone to talking in her head. And Meggar likes to quote Lady Caroline Dester: "You don't take your clothes to a party--they take you." This weekend, we will try to have our annual viewing of the movie version.

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