Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Benjamin Franklin Comes to Call

Our own son played the role of elder statesman at the homeschool field trip today. He even brought his famous key! Don't you just love his stockings, bald forehead, and cane! The library is hosting the travelling exhibit which was created for the 300th Birthday of Benjamin Franklin. Each visitor could have their photo taken with "Old Ben," and he helped answer some trivia questions. He also passed around some tea he had leftover from the Boston Tea Party, where people got so tired of paying high taxes that they resorted to illegal activity. (!) But I digress on the political implications. Back when I was expecting the twins, I wanted to name one "Benjamin" in hopes that he would desire to serve his fellow citizens in a political capacity. You need a strong sounding name for a tough job like that--maybe some day there will be a Senator Schmidling from Missouri.

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