Monday, June 21, 2010

Enrollment Day at Truman State

It took slightly less than 3 hours to drive to Kirksville, when we were anticipating a longer trip. Meggar and I arrived at Truman State early this morning and truly felt the presence of her guardian angel throughout the day. We bumped into her roommate at the coffee pot first thing! Erin and her mom are from St. Louis and were so pleasant to spend time with. The girls have several things in common: volleyball, musical interests (percussion and piano), and fine food (Erin is hostessing at a posh restaurant this summer). Everything worked out smoothly with enrollment. Meggar quizzed out of two semesters of French so will take French 3 and British Lit. as well as the required music classes of a piano major. She met with the head of the music dept. as well as her piano professor. They were informative and welcoming. I think the small class size and academic reputation of Truman will guarantee her a great learning environment. (I’m still a little nervous.) We stopped over at Joyce Shively's home before driving back. She is Gr. Elizabeth's friend from Army days and will be a local contact for Meggar this fall.

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