Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hanging Out with Meggar

Road-trip for Dorito and I to Columbia. We wanted to see Meggar, who needed a get-away. Fun times laughing and shopping and eating together. Good to stay grounded with family. We even wrote a new AGD song for the Homecoming serenades next week (Meggar is the AGD song leader and wanted something fun).  We adapted "Summer Loving" from the movie Grease to go like this...
Sig Tau loving, had me a blast--
Sig Tau loving, happened so fast!
I met a guy, crazy for me.
Met an AGD, cute as can be.
Homecoming fun, the Games have begun...
but uh-oh those Homecoming nights!
uh, well-a well-a well-a Huh!
Tell me more, tell me more --
Are they good at Lip Sync?
Tell me more, tell me more --
No, what do you think?!
(snap) shoo bop-bop, shoo bop-bop, shoo bop-bop, Yea...

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