Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twins Start Hockey Season Early

It seems too early for hockey games. But at least the Dallas Stars met us in Wichita this weekend (halfway between both teams). The twins were more than a bit nervous, because Dallas was ranked #7 last year and we were only ranked #17. But our Russell Stovers team has several new players (good) who haven't practiced together much yet (bad). They took the ice like a storm--wow! Fast-paced games. Polar Bear  #9 scored the first goal of the first game in the first 8 seconds. And the excitement never let up. We won one game, lost one game, and tied the final game today. Great job by Winger #12, who won almost all his face offs! Polar Bear was leading scorer with 3 of 11 goals. All our relatives came to watch on Saturday, so that made the twins feel even better! I took a few photos of the middle game, because I like their red jerseys better than the white ones.

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