Saturday, September 17, 2011

Please Don't Throw the Water Bottles

I know my boys aren't perfect angels in the locker room. But every year, I get fed up and write an email to the parents. It always gets better after I speak up.
Dear Russell Stovers '97 team --
Because we all practice together occasionally, I have two friendly suggestions:
1. Don't break any more water bottles or your son will need to replace them. 
Schmids are happy to wash, bring, and fill a dozen Gatorade bottles every week to practice, but we are down to 6 because of "carelessness," so please ask your son to stop goofing off and throwing them, etc.
2. Buy YOUR OWN hockey tape.  
We buy in bulk from Howie's Hockey Tape. Only costs $2.50 per roll. There are 30 rolls in a box and you can select a mixture of tapes. Click on this link to order--otherwise you can buy direct from the Schmids in the locker room for $3 per roll, which is the same price you pay at the counter.
Happy Hockey!

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