Thursday, August 8, 2013

Counting Down the Days

Dorito is excited for college. All the textbooks have been ordered. The alcohol awareness test was passed. New shoes were bought. Four more Wildcat T-shirts were purchased bringing the total to eight!
But the twins and I are getting very sentimental. We are going to feel the upcoming separation acutely--probably for the whole semester. Winger even said how they want to spend every minute with Dorito these last two weeks before he leaves for K-State.
All total, Dorito has been gone 62 days this summer.  He has one last camp: NYLT concluded this weekend. And he just got back from Pow Wow. I wish I had a new photo since his crew cut. He finally told us the story about roasting and eating a wild hog during Venture Crew's trip to Beaver Lake last week. Whoa!

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