Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Making Music in Nashville

The twins stayed on the same line for the starting weekend of Thunder Hockey Training Camp. They wanted to make things happen during drills and show their stuff. I know they were probably a little nervous to be "new" and only 15 on a team of 15/16. But they told me how "cool" and welcoming their teammates were. Two also play golf! Some of those boys are HUGE by comparison. But my twins have other assets: they are smart on the ice, and this wasn't about checking or hitting drills yet; plus they are strong with their upper body from cross-training all spring. Polar Bear even felt like prior conditioning* helped him prevent further injury to his internal right oblique muscle. (relief) *plug for Spine and Sport Physical Therapy
The whole hockey team stayed at the rink 24/7 from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Yep, they took cots and sleeping bags for "bonding time" with all the guys. Let's just say there was some talking in their sleep and before their sleep.
Besides looking at rentals, I went to two concerts over the weekend. Well, I was in Nashville after all. But they were the-free-type, not the purchase-tickets-type. First came a trip to The Coffeehouse in a hipster locale near the Downtown Square in Franklin (quite close to our future church and future hockey rink). I listened to original compositions by Luke Bellet, accompanied by Michael Bellet. It was so endearing to hear the song he wrote about his brothers (seven of them) and the song her wrote for his sister (only one girl). He is a good friend of the organizer of the second concert. On Sunday, we stopped by the Morel Farm for another "Love Good Music" event with Jimmy Mitchell and friends. Over 200 people showed up (his biggest back yard event to date), so it resulted in a great potluck and opportunity to meet Catholic homeschoolers. The twins were thrilled to meet so many in the "Connect" teen group!

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