Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Embrace the Change

The twins threw a going-away party for Dorito. Change is thick in the air. Some days we are excited, and some days we feel uncertain. But I am glad to see my kids supporting each other throughout the transitions. Twenty-some teens were coming and going from my kitchen to the back yard buffet to the pool to the hot tub and the fire pit and back. Luckily, Meggar was here and helped me set out lots of food. Then we snuck off for some shopping and errands. We checked off Spencer's birthday gift, a wedding present for far-away friends, sales, coupons, and general girly jobs. I like to make progress even though lately I am the least powerful in terms of everyone's future path. I always strive to help each member of my family get through life without learning things the hard way... as every mother hopes to prepare her children and cushion the blows that come from the real world. But we do not have all the power we want. Late that night, I said my prayers and asked the Lord to specifically help me reflect on the positive since I was feeling so powerless. Many times during the last three months we were side-swiped, or we felt the earth was quaking under our feet, or heard only bad news and found unexpected twists and turns in our path. I did not blog about these episodes -- for I wanted to stay strong and allow the Lord to accomplish His timing. Clearly it wouldn't help for me to complain. And in return, I heard maturity in my kids' voices. And confidence for going forward. This is the change I am most grateful for.

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