Friday, August 30, 2013

The Boy Can Sing

(I will add links and photos when I have my computer and not just an iPad)
Apparently, Dorito learned some frat songs quickly. He posted a YouTube video on Facebook from the Serenade Saturday, when they went from one sorority house to another. It was likely on Bid Day when there were more freshmen girls to impress! He is the one on the far end doing the motions at the table with red Solo cups.
He is one of 9 associate pledges and there are 19 actives also living in the Phi Kappa Theta house. A grandmotherly-type cook named Janice makes meals that Dorito says are "Awesome!" Every guy has to take his turn on KP with the automatic dishwasher. And their new house mom still has an on-campus job during the day and hangs around before and after supper.
Wednesday nights are formal meals, and the associates have to wear a shirt and tie all day on campus. There is a nice photo on Facebook of Dorito and his pledge class.

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