Monday, September 2, 2013

Opening Hockey Weekend

Captain came for all three days of Labor Day weekend to see us in Nashville! Nice!
The twins started right in with two scrimmage games against Afton/St Louis. Polar Bear scored the first goal, and Winger scored the second, third, and fourth goals. One goal was called off becuase the ref was blind and didnt see it. But we were thrilled for our younger twin and two wins.. As you recall, his brother usually scores more often. In the next game, David scored *again* on a one-timer that looked textbook in execution! That kid was on fire! He later Tweeted how he was "living the dream" (a comment generally reserved for NHl players). I am just thrilled for him.
Next day, the team scrimmaged the Thunder "A team," and this time Polar Bear was on his game. He killed the penalty four times in a row. The coach blew the whistle, stepped on the ice, and yelled at his players in frustration! Maybe he will bump them up from the "B team."
The rest of the weekend included mass at St Philip, which we love; lunch with Luke & Liam, whom we love from youth group; and moving the bunk beds into our Brentwood rental. Guardian angels are working it all out for us.

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