Thursday, September 5, 2013

That Girl - With the Pearl Earring

She is in Atlanta. Only through September. We are in Atlanta. Only through Sunday. So I drug took the twins to the High Museum of Art to see Vermeer's famous painting. She. was. stunning. Only about 15"x18" yet totally Gorgeous! The whole time I kept thinking how beautiful she was. And the technique that created her was so impressive--even to my amateur eyes. I immediately thought of that small Leonardo da Vinci painting in the National Gallery in D.C. The same fineness of features and brush strokes. She had a calming effect on me. I didn't burst into tears like I did at Monet's gallery in Giverny. But I was overcome. And so glad that I have made art an important part of our homeschooling culture.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Just looked back at your summer posts--we must have cried for our college freshman kids around the same time.... would love to see pics of your cottage... I too am enjoying a temporary rental. Congrats to Reid on the mayor's award, and what a fab 4-day trip to Napa valley--I've never been there. Blogging today about the Van Gogh new find... I know what it is to be overcome by beauty. We are sister souls!