Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taking Nothing For Granted

Dorito had a date for his first frat party last night. Not the girl he wanted to ask, but a friend from St Joe. She is from a great family of K-Staters, and there are not many of those in Missouri! He called from the grocery store where he was picking out nice cheese and crackers. Next day, he was also Tweeting with another Catholic girl at K-State, Miss Kansas. And standing by his football team despite a couple of losses. As the mom, I love getting to watch the way the puzzle pieces of character, conviction, and the Holy Spirit come together.
Today, I am driving the Nashville players to Huntsville for our practice weekend. Lots of conviction among the five characters in my back seat! And five smelly bags?! Don't ask. It is a privilege to take my turn driving, and I am mindful that others have offered to reciprocate, which is nothing to take for granted among hockey moms. Great families who are trying raise boys the right way are easy to admire for their hard work.

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