Thursday, September 26, 2013

Discernment and Big Heart of Pope Francis

I spent the past couple of weekends reading the first and only interview with Pope Francis. It was conducted by America (Jesuit journal) editor Father Antonio Spadaro in three meetings during August in Rome. The National Catholic Register has the best overview. It is a beautiful glimpse of a holy man who relates his identity on earth to a Caravaggio painting. But it was his explanation of the Jesuit model of discernment which resonated with me most. He describes how St. Ignatius struggled to know the Lord and follow him more closely. He noted that discernment takes TIME. I am not supposed to quote the interview without infringing on copyright, so I will paraphrase and encourage you to read the real interview yourself. Pope Francis said that humans want to jump to the first decision that comes to mind, especially because it appears to be a great and strong idea. But it is usually the wrong thing. It is necessary to wait and assess, to look deeply into your own self to find the appropriate means that God intends to use. I know how powerfully difficult this is from day to day. Even for months at a time. I am praying for Captain and Spencer and Meggar and Kristen and Jorge and Dorito and the twins as they look at their "jobs" and office situations with hope that the Holy Spirit has something GRAND in store--soon, Lord! (I'm working on patience.) Deus semper maior 

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