Monday, September 30, 2013

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

It started with a wish by Gr. Don over the phone. So Captain said it could come true for much cheaper if Dorito found a college kid wanting to sell an iPad to get the cash instead. Dorito handled the bargaining and gave us the goods. Polar Bear and Winger set up the apps (like Checkers and NetFlix and the daily newspaper). Captain took the like-new-iPad2 down to Basehor and did some quick instruction. I'm glad to see Grandpa taking to new technology. He has never had a computer or email or anything. I love using my iPad especially since I don't want to haul the desktop back and forth from Nashville. The past few days we have looked up:  biology microscope slides, Latin translations not in our book, recipes with 5 ingredients or less (from Lesa), verifying the top of a Boy Scout merit badege so I can sew them all on the proper direction (OK, winger?), and of course the MapQuest options for finding our way to hockey venues while seeing special people en route! I predict Gr. Don's brain will get more of a workout than simply watching TV, except when maybe Dorothy wants to borrow it. She should probably get one of her own. Somebody call Dorito again to look on Craigslist! 

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