Sunday, September 8, 2013

Counting the Cost for Winners

While some hockey families send their boys off to be billeted for the U16 season, we decided that it was best if I continued to cook and clean and homeschool our twins. It has been a good transition, and we strongly believe they have what it takes to get to the next level! I have seen them working harder at school than ever before. Plus they love spending seven hours on the ice each week plus three hours in the workout room. Or more. They are excited to learn all the new systems from Coach Roman, meet new line mates, and take a leadership role within their new team. We decided this year to ask our friends and family to support their hockey and make an investment in these hard-working young men. And we had a terrific response! Polar Bear and Winger each had to get on the phone and sell 30 sweepstakes tickets, or else Captain would have to buy the rest. They did it all in just one week! Today, the $5000 Grand Prize actually went to a Nashville mom (who has 13-yr-old playing on younger team). And a lady from our church also won a small cash prize! So we were very grateful all the way around. We just want to say thanks for all the support!

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