Monday, November 25, 2013

College Boy is Back Home

Dorito is a sweet fellow--and very talkative his first day back.
He is participating in Movember (a mustache-growing philanthropy fundraiser for Phi Kappa Theta) so that takes a little getting used to.
He told us about his uncomfortable bed in the sleeping dorms, which he doesn't actually mind because he stays up late to study and gets up early for classes.
He explained how the pledges have to share lunch KP duties, which he doesn't actually mind because the cook lets him taste-test her food. From the sound of it, she makes everything from scratch (very impressive to this hungry teenager).
He grumbled about his wake-up duty, because there are no alarm clocks allowed in the sleeping dorm. He chose Wednesday morning at the beginning of the semester without giving it much thought. Now he realizes that Wednesday is "dress up day" for their formal dinner, so he has to get up even earlier to shower, shave, and dress up before his duties begin of waking up other boys (every 15 minutes per the schedule board).

He laughed and said, "I have a crush on the volleyball team." when he really meant, "I have a crush on a girl on the volleyball team." (He goes to all the home volleyball meets.) She is cute and tall, but at least she is a freshman. He also has a crush on a sophomore, but she only wants to be "friends." And then there are twin senior girls who have a crush on him! Kinda fun to hear all the stories...

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